PAF’s mission is to advance sustainable mobility solutions improving Malta’s traffic situation, thereby enhancing quality of life and environmental conditions for the Maltese population. 

Malta today is facing problems with high traffic volume, parking shortage, deteriorating environmental conditions and public health concerns attributable to CO2 emissions and other pollutants from transport. Those are linked to massive costs for the Maltese economy and general well-being of the population. As a response, numerous sustainable mobility solutions have been introduced to commuters in Malta recently. While these initiatives are predominantly positive and early adopters are gaining momentum, car dependency is still considerably growing. PAF’s main aim is to change this trip by trip through a variety of initiatives and projects.

Our strategic objective is that:

Malta’s collective use of public spaces is improved, ensuring accessible and sustainable multimodal mobility.

We see mobility as an important aspect to sustainability in general, as there have been important developments with impact on urban mobility, such as the growing importance of cities, disruptive changes in transport and mobility of both technological and societal nature, as well as rising mobility (congestion), health (air pollution) and climate (emissions) challenges.

We are bringing together many of Malta’s leading thinkers to support the creation of evidence for sustainable and  multi-modal transportation systems.

We are actively working on new solutions to improve mobility through the greater utilisation of vehicles, public transport, and an intelligent approach to work and travel.

PAF serves as a platform where people are encouraged to share their ideas, collaborate, and receive support in implementing solutions to the mobility problem.


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