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We are a dynamic team with a vision of a better Malta for all. We know that there are others like us who believe in a better, cleaner and safer future – we want to work with you. We believe in working together. If you feel that your organization, company, university or school has an innovative idea on how to make mobility and traffic in Malta better let us know! Whether is small public information campaign or the next game-changer in mobility in Malta we are ready working to build a community of partners across the Maltese Islands.

PAF defines meaningful partnerships as a relationship at eye level, with mutually agreed and beneficial objectives and priorities. Decision making is shared and different roles are reflecting each partner’s skill level and experience. Learning happens jointly and is shared between partners as well as the general public in line with PAFs mission and vision.


Partnering with PAF

At our core is the goal that:

Malta’s collective use of public spaces is improved, ensuring accessible and sustainable multimodal mobility.

We have all been stuck in traffic, we have all breathed air heavy with soot and dust, we have all worried about safety on our roads – if we work together we believe we can improve quality of life, safety, and contribute to combatting climate change. This is no small challenge, and we know that we need strong partnerships, with other organisations from a variety of backgrounds. This includes funding partnerships, joint project development and implementation and joint advocacy, as well as general networking. 

If you are interested in a partnership please reach out to us directly or via one of our social media channels.

Funding and Implementation Partner opportunities

We have a variety of projects, all aimed at improving the traffic situation in the Maltese Islands, for some we need funding and for others partners. If you are interested in being a part of the solution to gridlock, pollution and traffic deaths get in touch now – we are happy to meet and discuss how we can cooperate and collaborate, either as a CSR opportunity or as a joint venture, ranging from research, to behaviour change campaigns, and pilot projects. All projects are assigned to one of our qualified collaborators for technical supervision and implemented directly by PAF staff.

But you do not need to be a company or organization! Perhaps you are a citizen with a vision? We invite you to share your ideas, opinions and thoughts on how to improve mobility in Malta through our social media prresences. 


Mapping Speed Limits on Maltas primary roads


Find more information about our funding partner in this exciting project here:

GasanMamo Insurance  has teamed up with Project Aegle Foundation to map existing speed limit posts along the primary roads across the island. and gather missing data of local speed limits; in an attempt to raise awareness about speeding on the local roads and road safety. PAF has found that only 65.8% of primary roads had speed limits signs. With a little more than half of the primary roads marked, it was also noted that the posts were placed inconsistently, resulting in long strips of roads being unmarked. Other inconsistencies included no posted speed limits following a roundabout (which is a European standard); or an absence of posted speed limits on newly renovated roads where new traffic regulations were implemented, potentially feeding into existing misperceptions of speed limits and speeding habits. Findings raised questions regarding how speed limit posts were allocated, and whether the assigned speeds were compatible with the road’s infrastructure or even compliant to EU regulations. It also highlighted the deficiency of traffic-calming measures, such as speed cameras and speed bumps; especially when approaching pedestrian crossings.

A preliminary version of the map can be found here:

Sustainable Mobility Challenge Malta - Greentrips


Find more information about our implementing partner in this wonderful project here:

The concept: Rewarding commuters for using sustainable mobility options

Problem statement:

Malta today is facing problems with high traffic volume, parking shortage, deteriorating environmental conditions and public health concerns attributable to CO2 emissions and other pollutants from transport. Those are linked to massive costs for the Maltese economy and general well-being of the population.

As a response, numerous sustainable mobility solutions have been introduced to commuters in Malta recently. While these initiatives are predominantly positive and early adopters are gaining momentum, car dependency is still considerably growing.

According to our recent research, personal habits and culture biases strongly influence choices for commute and in order to support the adoption of sustainable means of transport, behavioural change initiatives are essential. More importantly, our study has shown that approximately 40% of the population could be motivated to change their behaviour through rewards. We believe that the timing is right to invest in pull factors and reap the benefits of the upcoming exponential phase on the sustainable mobility adoption curve.


As behaviour and attitudes are key in tackling this issue, a fun way of motivating people to use sustainable means of transport is proposed. The objective is to help people get out of their comfort zones and try alternatives to the car for a specific time period. This short-term modification motivated by rewards (multi modal competition) will then hopefully lead to long-term changes in travel behaviour through gained confidence (in the existence of alternative transport options), and changed attitudes towards them.

Join the challenge on: and upload your trips here:

Past projects:

The below is a non comprehensive list of projects implemented in the past. If you are interested in any further detail of any of the projects or a comprehensive list, please reach out to us directly




Incentive which combines science, community support and pleasure.

Project Aegle, and WotoMoto, present interested companies with six e-bikes for the company’s employees to use for journeys of less than 10km. For the duration of the project, research will be conducted on the number, length and duration of the journeys made. Each trip will be logged via a bike computer. Every four months, the data will be analysed by Project Aegle’s research team. At the end of the four month period the bikes and the necessary equipment will be handed over to the next interested company. This service has been created to improve mobility. Employees taking part in this project will have the opportunity to try out alternative modes of transport and will have the satisfaction of lessening traffic from the Maltese roads.

If you are interested to offer this experience to your employees please contact us directly on [email protected] for more information.

Our Partner in this project is WotoMoto:

Innovation Prize Competition


The aim of this project is to find innovative ideas of how to improve mobility in Malta. Anyone who has a fresh, innovative idea of how to move towards sustainable mobility in Malta and lessening traffic may participate in this newly established competition and enters the chance of winning prizes. This platform is being provided as our very own project manager explains there is a lot of knowledge and ideas out there on how to improve sustainable mobility in Malta, so why not let our citizens give a piece of their mind.


Mobility App Survey

During the month of June 2018 a survey about a mobile application for transportation and mobility created by Project Aegle was carried out online and shared through social media. A total of 150 valid respondents answered questions related to the introduction of a mobility smartphone app. The survey asked people for their reactions to a smartphone application that would simplify trip planning and travel in Malta. This app would help them broaden their travel options—from public transport to car sharing—for that trip’s route. Two-thirds of the respondents were positive or very positive towards the idea of using such an app. A significant 40% would use the app to find alternatives to using the car such as information and booking of public transport, route planning and carpooling. This survey concludes that having an app in place that enables you to plan your trip much better would greatly improve Malta’s traffic situation.

Here you can read about the results.

Flexible working hours and locations

One of the reasons Project Aegle created this project on flexible working schemes is to update our understanding on flexible working hours in Malta as past surveys rank the Maltese islands 9th from the bottom in the EU when it comes to offering flexible working hours and locations to their employees. In a few words flexible working hours mean a variation from the traditional 9 to 5 work day & also of the location.

We created a questionnaire, designed for businesses and companies in Malta, whether big or small. Through this we will be collecting research data, which will be of great importance. This questionnaire is divided into 2 sections; an introduction and a few specific questions. 

The sole aim of this idea is to lessen traffic on our roads as most of the traffic congestion happens during rush hour in the morning and after work. If certain employees come to work only when they have meetings and continue working normally from home or any other place many of our mobility problems would get fixed. Also we believe that through this project both the employer and the employees will benefit for several reasons.

Hopefully, like a domino effect with the success of the pilot project, other businesses/ companies would like to give this new venture a try. If this idea spreads well other positive outcomes may be obtained in the near future.

Understanding traffic from GPS data

In the past we have carried out limited studies into how ICT systems can help us understand mobility, driver behavior and the effect of policy on the same. More specifically, we looked into Global Positioning System (GPS) data to compute the delays experienced at different times of the day and during different months of the year. We will take this further to develop a heat map. As soon as we have results we will publish the information.

Education through website and social media

An informed mind makes for better decisions and a clearer vision for the future. Project Aegle’s idea is to inform and educate people to make the roads safer and more importantly less congested. On our website through our blog, together with our regularly updated Facebook page we take several subjects related to our roads and share knowledge like stories, educational videos and articles both local and international. Such examples include as the use of roundabouts, technology, bike lanes etc. Our followers will get to know new facts and think about the arguments. In return they give back a piece of their mind and feedback.