CARnival – Collaboration with the Gabriel Caruana Foundation

The short of it:
The Gabriel Caruana Foundation, in collaboration with PAF is organising a four-day workshop at The Mill with the aim of introducing children to the art of papier-mâché, artivism and pedestrian rights.

More details:
We’ll be mixing the craft of papier-mâché with an ongoing need to reclaim public space, with a peppering of activism and a good measure of creativity!

The Mill will open its doors to 15 participants where they will be introduced to papier-mâché, artivism, carnival and Maltese Modern artists. We will engage with participants to air and sketch their views on sustainable mobility, pedestrian rights and solutions to everyday problems encountered whilst walking. Each participant will express themselves by creating a papier-mâché mask or sculpture. We will finish off the workshop with a mini parade together with parents along the street.

This carnival workshop is part of a wider process that the Gabriel Caruana Foundation is undertaking where we are exploring the links of art and cultural heritage.

Big Steps – little footprints – Rethinking Transport 2

For this month’s Big Steps, Little Footprints post, we’re featuring Jennifer Zammit from The Public Transport Project (Malta). Below she shares what inspired her to change the way she travels.

“After attending last year’s protest against the Central Link Project, it got me thinking that surely we could find many, more sustainable ways to reduce the ridiculous amount of traffic on these tiny islands, opposed to bulldozing through precious agricultural land and destroying hundreds of mature trees. Although the project left me feeling angry and helpless initially, I turned my attention inwards and asked “what could I do to reduce my car use?”

Instead of casually reaching for my car keys, I took some time to think about the alternatives and started using our Public Transport system. This is how the FB page The Public Transport Project was born. Through this page and more importantly, its members, navigating the Public Transport system became simpler and supported my mission to keep using it.

My conscious decision to use and seek alternatives to the car, not only influenced how I travel but also how I organise daily life. Moving locality made commuting by bus more challenging, hence I made several lifestyle choices in order to travel less and more efficiently, mainly by keeping my activities, work and school local and within walking distance. By making use of other services such as having my monthly groceries delivered and grouping weekly errands, I have reduced my car use by more than half and make the most out of every car trip.

Although I won’t be handing over my car keys any time soon, if we all took a conscious look at the casual way in which we use our cars, we could really make a difference to our environment and air quality.”

Pedestrians! Go, go, go

Being a pedestrian is a powerful thing. Walking changes the face of communities, saves money and time, increases productivity and public safety.

Walking – something so simple yet so effective and an act many of us do several times over the course of the day. We’re all walking somewhere at one point or another without giving it much thought. This makes walking the most accessible “active” mode of transport available. It’s literally at the tips of our toes!

The health benefits of walking are numerous, from the famous “walk 30 minutes a day” to prevent a sedentary lifestyle and reduce risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease, to improving the air quality in your community by lessening air and noise pollution through reduced car use and traffic congestion. There are no downsides to when it comes to using your legs to get from A to B!

PAF is planning a collaboration with the Gabriel Caruana Foundation on pedestrian rights. Stay tuned for more!

Big Steps, little footprints – Rethinking Transport – 1

We are happy to start off the new year with our “Big Steps, little footprints – Rethinking Transport” post that will bring you regular entertaining tidbits related to sustainable mobility, carbon and conscious living.

Transport comes into play throughout our daily lives in many ways. It is not just about moving from one location to another; it’s also how we move around as single individuals, as a family unit, for pleasure, for work or for errands… Moreover, transport also requires a bird-eye view to understand how people move as a city, a locality and as a nation. Transport also significantly ties into our consumption habits, whether it be food, entertainment and other commodities. Rethinking transport therefore becomes synonymous with rethinking one’s lifestyle, to improve not only ‘the traffic situation’ but also quality of life of oneself, others and the environment.

As our first post, we decided to feature a collaboration between a sailing cargo company and a chocolate manufacturer that led to sailing one ship full of cocoa from Nicaragua to Hamburg using wind power alone! This emission free journey was made possible through Zotter joining forces with Brigantes – a cargo company that uses only sail-powered shipping, resulting in a sailing cargo ship docking in Hamburg for the first time in 20 years.

Check them out at

Let us know your thoughts!

APS bank supports GreenTrips October 2019 Challenge

APS Bank proudly supported the Malta Sustainable Mobility Challenge – Greentrips, who have organised a nationwide challenge, where commuters were recognised and rewarded for their positive mobility behaviour. The platform aims to change travel behaviour in Malta towards more sustainability, as Malta today is facing problems with high traffic volume, parking shortage, deteriorating environmental conditions and public health concerns attributable to CO2 emissions and other pollutants from transport. 

The first challenge in October 2019 attracted about 40 participants and Marco Krueger was announced the winner, as he used a total of 5 different green modes of transport, being the most multimodal participant overall. The award of €350 was presented to Mr Krueger by Hervé Delpech, Chief Strategy Officer at APS Bank, who commented that, “We are honoured to be supporting such a challenge, especially since it is in line with our value to promote sustainability.” 

If you are committed to sustainability sign up to the Malta Sustainability Forum Manifesto: You can also visit and for more information.